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Personal Transformation + Kingdom Collaboration =
City Transformation

HHealthy Leaders Thriving Cities is a collaboration of people focused on leadership development and city transformation. Our vision is that, as we are personally transformed by God, we will also serve towards city transformation for God’s glory. God has called us to pray, connect and serve leaders and cities. As we partner with Him, He will transform our government, businesses, healthcare, families, faith communities, and our land. We do this in a number of ways including…


We believe prayer is the foundation of what God wants to do in us and in our cities. Our roots come from our original ministry called Prayer Command Post and we continue to build upon that as we seek God in all areas of vision.

Leadership / Love Riverside

We help leaders connect, network and develop transformation strategies in the various community sectors. Love Riverside has recently begun with a focus on an annual serve day and ongoing collaborative efforts in the city of Riverside -www.loveriverside.org


We post newsletters and social media updates to connect you with events & our missional community of city leaders.

Missional Community

We help establish and provide safe missional communities for leaders to grow and impact the city. Community brings encouragement, support and accountability resulting in a maturity that overflows in good deeds.

Leader Coaching & Teambuilding

We help equip leaders spiritually and strategically for their missions as city transformers.


We assist in team building and in the establishing of new works in all sectors of the marketplace.

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